Suselle around the great lakes

Taking photo of flotilla

Setting off was quite a thrill. It was my first big adventure and I was very excited and in good mood. It was a beautiful day in early June with light winds giving me a broad reach.

I am a fairly private person so, other than my girlfriend, I did not expect anyone else to show up. It was a surprise when people from work and several from the marina came for the departure. When I set off a few boats actually sailed with me for a while at the start of the journey.

Being in the lead of a flotilla really made it hit home that I was undertaking a major endeavour.

It was an amazing feeling knowing I would not have to work for the next four months but just sail every day in new places all the time!

My girlfriend, Erlinda, was oblivious, engrossed in a book. She came for however far we could get on the weekend and would take the train home.